Here's Why You Have Falling Hair

Better check your scalp, CGs!

Bothered by your falling hair? You might want to check on your scalp condition for flakes. Although dandruff itself doesn’t cause hair loss, allowing it to build up with dirt and oil can.

“This forms a decomposing debris [where] bacteria can survive and it’s the harmful bacteria that can cause problems,” says Michael Bernstein, Svenson's chief trichologist and president of the Asian Society of Trichology. “Most anti-dandruff shampoos contain some ingredients that can help, but [since] they're on your scalp for such a short time, you only get a short-term effect.”

So if your flake-fighting shampoo isn’t cutting it, you may need something more potent and long-lasting to put a stop to your dramatic hair loss. Schedule a consult with Svenson trichologists (they specialize in hair and scalp care). They can recommend an intensive Scalp Corrective Program that penetrates the scalp deeper than any shampoo to remove excess oil, slough off flakes, increase blood flow to the hair follicles, and thoroughly cleanse the scalp to eliminate dirt and other wastes that hinder healthy hair growth.

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