'Hidden Rainbow Hair' Is Perfect For Jobs With Strict Dress Codes

Safe around disapproving HR staff and strict parents!

Marie Claire just drew our attention again to a super fun hair color trend we wrote about before, and it’s for every girl who’s working in an office with a strict dress code.

It’s called hidden rainbow hair, and as the name suggests, it creates a striking multi-colored look that’s completely shielded by typical, ho-hum tresses. The trend was popularized by London’s Not Another Salon, under the ~*creative*~ prowess of senior colorist Carla Rinaldi.

Not only is it mesmerizing, it’s also very low-key. The only way to expose that section of your hair is to lift it right up (so maybe stay away from ponytails and buns while in the office). Surely your boss can’t tell you off for a dye job she can’t even see!

Consider us obsessed!

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