7 Honey Blonde Hair Color Shades To Copy Right Now

Please call your colorist immediately.
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Nestled between buttery and sandy blonde hair is the dreamiest shade your hair needs this summer: honey blonde. When done right, the bronde (brown blonde) shade looks warm—not brassy—and gives you the natural appearance of having just spent a summer frolicking on the beach. Below are seven ways to wear the golden hue, whether you’re looking to add just a hint or a whole lotta honey.

  1. A Honey and Caramel Combo

    I like my hair like I like my desserts: hella rich. This chocolate shade has layers of caramel and honey, giving it an intensely rich finish. If a hair color can make your brain drool, you know it's doing something right.

  2. Face-Framing Honey Pieces

    Allover blonde isn't for everyone, but you can still soften a darker base color for summer by adding a touch of warm lightness around your face.

  3. Amber Highlights

    The golden tones of honey highlights complement the richness of warmer complexions and, as a bonus, help add depth and dimension to curly hair.

  4. Sunny Highlights

    Achieved with the hand-painted balayage technique, this honey color blends every blonde shade in my vocabulary for the dimension of my dreams.

  5. Brown-to-Blonde Ombré

    This look starts with a rich brown base at the roots and then gradually fades into a blend of bright blonde and golden highlights. Ask your colorist for this grown-out look if you prefer a little more time between touch-ups.

  6. A Hint of Honey

    Soft and subtle highlights like these prove that just a bit of honey is all you need to enhance your curls.

  7. Honey Tips

    Highlighted tips like these can totally pass as chic, sun-bleached hair, in the best way. TBH, if I paid good money for lived-in highlights, I can't decide if it would be frustrating or satisfying for them to look so effortlessly natural.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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