How To Go Blonde, If You're A Natural Brunette

Straight from a pro.


Whether you admit it or not, you’ve probably considered dyeing your hair blonde just for kicks. But as cool as it looks, going from natural black to blonde isn’t an easy feat. It requires A LOT of chemicals that can pose serious health risks, especially on your scalp. We spoke to celebrity hairstylist and Creations salon owner Lourd Ramos and asked him for tips on how to make going blonde just a little bit easier:

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1. As in all things, preparation is key.

“When people tell me they want to go blonde, I always instruct them to prep their hair by using hair treatments for a week before we start the coloring,” he says. This step ensures that damage will be minimal, and that your hair will be left healthy and strong, even after the entire process.

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2. It’s still best to leave it to the pros.

Because most Pinays have dark hair, bleaching is necessary to get rid of the hair’s natural dark pigment and achieve a bright blonde hue. “Bleaching is dangerous [if not done properly],” Lourd says. He recalls that he recently had a case where two friends decided to bleach their hair by themselves, but ended up burning their hair AND scalp in the process. “Putol-putol ‘yung hair and there was a bald spot,” he recalls. Yikes.

3. It will take time to get your desired color.

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Say for example, you’re decided that you want silver-blonde hair. You have to understand that this will take a lot of time and products. Lourd suggests that adding care treatments for both the hair and the scalp during the process will help in keeping your locks healthy.

4. Scared of going full-on blonde? Try highlights!

“You can make the process easier by trying out highlights first,” Lourd says. Adding highlights to your hair will add depth and dimension. If you have thin hair, you can ask your stylist to create the illusion of thicker hair.

5. You have to commit to it.

According to Lourd, going blonde—or coloring your hair—is a commitment. He tells his clients to take care of hair before, during, and after coloring. “Once you exit the salon, you have to continue nourishing your locks. There are a lot of affordable tools, shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments in the market. Use the right one for you,” he adds.

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