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7 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Preserve your crowning glory.
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It's normal for us to lose up to a hundred strands of hair per day. But if you suspect that you're shedding more than usual, it's time for a change in routine. Sometimes, the products we use may be too harsh on our mane, and some of our daily habits weaken our strands. Below, we share the doable tips you can try to prevent hair loss.

  1. Start in the shower.

    Go for cleansing products that don't strip off the hair's nutrients but instead bring in the good stuff! Look for shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfates and contain rosemary extract and keratin proteins to restore your hair's health. 

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  2. Be mindful of what you do to your hair.

    With frequent coloring and heat styling, your tresses get affected by the chemicals and tools you use. Always keep in mind that dyeing and bleaching weaken the hair follicle, and heat-styling can possibly fry your strands. Make sure you use necessary hair care products to protect your mane from getting brittle.

  3. Detox your scalp.

    A healthy scalp means stronger hair, so treat your head to a weekly detox to dislodge sebum and product buildup. Remove layers of gunk while you give yourself a relaxing head massage with this salt scrub. This restores balance for oily and sensitive scalps!


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  4. Never forget to hydrate. 

    Like your skin, your strands need moisture, too! After exfoliating your scalp, apply a conditioning mask on wet tresses and let it seep for a few minutes to allow the hair-repairing ingredients to work their magic.

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  5. Be careful when brushing your hair.

    We know it's so tempting to quickly run the brush or comb on wet strands, but this habit increases the risk of breakage, resulting in hair fall. Doing it gently with the right tools will prevent this from happening.

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  6. Be careful with how you style your hair.

    When you regularly force your hair to stay tight and stretched (as in a slicked-back ponytail), there's a huge chance that your hairline will recede when you grow older. So, take a break from your polished bun and settle for a loose chignon on some days of the week. Another reminder: Refrain from using hair accessories with metal materials as these may snip your strands.

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  7. Nourish with the right product.

    If you think your tips still need a strengthening boost, envelope each strand with a repairing leave-in conditioner before you go out of the house. 

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