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How To Make Your Bangs Look Maayos All The Time

We've got heat-free options, too!
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PSA: Bangs are cute and all, but they're not a wash-and-wear 'do. They require special care and styling techniques—which you can't escape from unless you're blessed with hair that's behaved all the time.

Sometimes, your bangs may look magulo and feel slick. Then, there are mornings when their natural shape just doesn't work for you. But of course, we gotchu! Below, we round up the ways to keep your fringe looking good, depending on its style and thickness.

  1. Blow-dry and finger-comb

    Welp, this may sound too much for some, but trust us when we say that blow-drying your fringe after washing them will GUARANTEE gorgeous results. Here's how you can get salon blowout effect: Point the blowdryer's nozzle to your forehead and blast medium heat on your bangs as you rake your fingers through your hair.

    Try this if you have any of these bangs: Curtain, full, sheer, blunt, side-swept, curly, crescent

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  2. Twist and ~forget~ about it

    If you don't own a hair-dryer or you don't have time for a blowout, you can try this heat-free method: Part your bangs at the middle while they're damp, and twist them outward. Letting your fringe air-dry in this position will prevent it from turning into an oddly shaped chunk of locks.

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    Try this if you have any of these bangs: Curtain, full,  side-swept, curly, crescent

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  3. Air-dry and finger-comb

    This method is made for busy girls: When your bangs don't involve a lot of strands, you can do away with heat-styling. To keep your fringe looking bomb, let it air-dry while finger-combing it. 

    Try this if you have any of these bangs: Sheer, wispy, micro, curly

  4. Straighten with a flat iron

    Get rid of frizz and control the shape of your bangs with a flat iron. Start on the sides first, and then work your way towards the center. To get the perfect curve of curtain, crescent, and side-swept bangs, straighten the whole fringe first before curling the ends inward.

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    Try this if you have any of these bangs: Curtain, crescent, full, sheer, blunt, side-swept

  5. Try a lash curler

    We're not kidding—this tiny tool can handle a thick fringe, too! Take a lash curler, invert it, and insert a section of hair in between the rubber pads. Squeeze it down all the way until you reach the ends.

    Try this if you have any of these bangs: Curtain, full, sheer, wispy, crescent

  6. Refresh with dry shampoo

    When you think your bangs look heavy, it's probably because they're oily and they need a wash. Lather a clarifying or micellar shampoo to remove buildup. If a trip to the shower (or sink) isn't an option, reboot your fringe with a few sprays of dry shampoo.

    Try this if you have any of these bangs: Curtain, full, sheer, blunt, side-swept, curly, crescent

  7. Set with a light hold hairspray

    Remember how Lisa Manoban's bangs stayed put during BLACKPINK's Coachella 2019 performance? It was like glue kept her fringe in place despite all the insane dance moves. To cop her palaban na bangs, mist a light hold hairspray on your hair. Finger-comb to get an effortless, undone look.

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