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5 Ways You Can Tame Unruly Baby Hairs

Get them to behave.
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Baby hairs give our features a youthful and innocent appearance, but often, they can look unruly and messy! There are many affordable ways to tame them, without having to laser them off a la Kim Kardashian).

How do I tame baby hairs around my hairline, and why are they there in the first place?

If you frequently brush back your hair into a ponytail or bun, you'll notice tiny hairs on the area where your hairline meets your forehead. Those wispy strands are thinner and shorter than the rest of your hair, so they're harder to control, especially if you're going for a sleek 'do. They're a result of hair breakage (blame tight ponytails and frequent heat-styling!) or just natural hair regrowth from pulled strands. There are many ways to manage those tiny strands while you're regrowing them. Read on for tried-and-tested styling techniques to tame those pesky baby hairs:

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  1. Use hairspray

    A classic baby hair-tamer: Spray hairspray on a clean toothbrush and comb it through your damp hair. Once it dries, not a single strand will be out of place. [Via Byrdie

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  2. Groom with brow gel

    If it can set your kilay, then it will definitely make your wispy hairs stay put! (Ed's Note: If you're going to use a tinted brow gel, make sure the shade is similar to your hair color.)

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  3. Apply lip balm

    Make your hair look shiny and sleek sans the sticky feel by evenly spreading out lip balm around your hairline.

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  4. Clip them

    Baby hairs come in different lengths, so if you have long pieces, just clip it! It will prettify your hairstyle and keep your locks away from your face.

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  5. Blow-dry

    For some, baby hairs grow upward. To bring them back down to your scalp again, gently blow dry them in between your fingers. But according to Allure, you should alternate between hot and cool air to avoid burning the fine strands.

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