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Kylie Padilla Literally Has The Coolest Hair Color RN

She calls her new look, 'Amihan.'
PHOTO: Instagram/kylienicolepadilla

Kylie Padilla just got her hair colored, and it was a hue we didn't expect! She had her long locks dyed in varying shades of blue and gray, with touches of lavender.

In her IG post, she shared that it took six hours to achieve this ~opalescent~ hue. And she wasn't exaggerating—Asian hair needs to bleached two to three (or more) times for bright or pastel colors to appear. It's only after pre-lightening and toning down when rainbow hues are applied. Patience is a virtue, you guys!

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Kylie's fresh hue is courtesy of Jing Monis Salon. If you want to get the same makeover, expect to shell out P7,000 and up, depending on your hair's thickness and length. 

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