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QUIZ: Should You Get Bangs Or Are You Just Stressed?

Maybe you're just going through something. Think about it!
PHOTO: Instagram/lalalalisa_m, Instagram/sueannadoodles

We've all been through it. One day—usually when you're very bored, heartbroken, stressed, or on your seventh K-drama episode for the night—you look at yourself in the mirror and think, "I should get bangs." So you rush to your go-to hairstylist and ask for a fringe. (Even if they make a face that should be enough warning for you NOT to do it.) Then, three days later, you find yourself spending moooore time than necessary getting ready in the morning because you learn that bangs. are. so. high. maintenance. So you regret it instantly.

Because we want you to make smarter hair decisions, we made a quiz to help you *really* think if you should go get that fringe or not. Baka naman may pinagdadaanan ka lang talaga. Or nasobrahan sa K-drama!

Let us know the results and tell us if you're still getting bangs or the issue is something else! *wink, wink*

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