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Salon Review: Experience Fabulous Korean Hairstyling And Pampering

As a pre-Valentine's treat to yourself, single or otherwise, visit Jinu Hair Salon in Alabang to get an expert haircut and treatment.

There is some serious Korean invasion happening here in the Philippines—from music and food to makeup, we Filipinas are just going crazy about everything Korean! And, you’ve got to admit, it’s hard to resist, especially when their boybands are swoon-worthy and their beauty products so prettily-packaged and effective.

Korean hairstylists are now also invading the salon scene in Manila, and one such Korean salon to try is Jinu Hair Salon in Madrigal Business Park, Alabang.

Jinu Hair Salon offers a vast range of services, from rebonding and coloring, to perms, highlights, hair manicure, hair spa treatments, and more.

Where To Go:

Jinu Hair Salon is located at Unit 3, Ground Floor, MSA Prime Center Building, Prime Street, Madrigal Business Park II, Alabang, Muntinlupa.

What To Try:

Their expertise lies in their way of cutting hair, which is best expressed in their mantra: “We never cut without concept.” Their Korean hairstylists try to get a feel of your hair’s needs (language barrier aside), and based on that, will recommend a hairstyle that suits your face shape and personality.

For instance, do you want a short ‘do that makes your face slimmer? They’ll recommend a cut that “hides” certain portions of your face that jut out too much, and cut it in delicate, gradient layers that sit comfortably on strategic areas of your face, creating the illusion that it is, indeed, slimmer. (Hair cut for women is priced at P500.)

Another unique offering in Jinu Hair Salon is the Mucota treatment (P2,000 for short hair, or may come at a discounted rate when paired with another service like perm or rebonding). Mucota is actually a brand of keratin treatment from Japan, which is best for heavily damaged hair, dry hair, bleached hair, and permed or rebonded hair—basically our most common hair concerns. Imagine if this treatment can actually cure them! And, guess what, it does!

According to Jinu, “Mucota provides intensive repair on the interior properties of the hair using proteins and other nutrients. It also provides a heat-barrier or protection for heat-activated treatments like rebonding and digital perm.”

The Verdict:

Jinu’s cut gives your locks a refreshing new look—a cutting-edge, sleek style that completely suits you, whatever length you decided. If you previously had your hair cut somewhere else, and somehow, it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it, they can even fix it for you—and your hair now looks the way it should have been cut to begin with.

As for Mucota, Jinu usually gives its customers a semi-Mucota treatment before any other hair service (i.e. rebonding or perm) so protection comes before the potentially damaging process (c’mon, you know that perming and rebonding your hair is damaging, no matter how beautiful they make your locks). Usually, in other salons, protective treatments come after a hair process. In Jinu, they reversed it, so you can actually change your mind! Normally, when you have your hair permed, you can’t have it colored or rebonded—or vice versa. But, by using the Mucota treatment prior to the service, when you decide a perm doesn’t suit you, you can actually have it rebonded the very next week—without having to wait months for it to grow out. Yes, it can be done without damage.

The result of the Mucota treatment? Your hair feels reborn, like it’s stronger, smoother, softer, and shinier once again—just like your virgin hair. If you’re trying to grow out rebonded, colored, or permed hair, this is just the right maintenance treatment for you. Just make sure you allow at least two to three hours for the treatment, since it comes in four phases. And, tell them if you have sensitive skin, as the ingredients used may be harsh for those with really delicate skin and cause itching. And the final shampoo that the Korean stylists give you? Utterly amazing! It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before—they make shampooing your hair like an art. That in itself already makes the treatment (and your salon visit) super sulit!

The Bonus:

Aside from the treats and snacks they offer you as you wait for your turn (the salon has frequent visitors, which is not a surprise, considering everyone leaves a satisfied customer), they also offer free mani services for those undergoing long treatments like rebonding or perming. How’s that for a really thoughtful treat?

To book an appointment (which is highly recommended, to avoid having to wait long), call (02) 659-7242. Check them out on Facebook too.

View the next page to see Jinu Hair Salon’s complete list of services.
*Almost all services come with a free haircut and treatment.

Women – P500
Men - P400

Short/Medium – P2,000
Long – P2,500
Extra Long – P3,500

Volume Rebonding (promo rate):
Any length - P3,000

Prices start at P2,000 (short) up to P3,500 (extra long)

Digital Perm:
Prices start at P2,500 (short/medium)

Digital + Rebond:
Medium - P4,000
Long – P4,500

Mucota Treatment:
Short – P2,000
Medium – P2,500
Long/Extra Long – P3,000

Hair Coloring:
Prices start at P1,700 (roots) up to P3,500 (extra long hair)

Prices start at P2,000 (short) up to P3,500 (extra long)

Hair Manicure:
Prices start at P1,700 (short) up to P3,000 (extra long)

Scalp Treatment:
Any length – P1,000
*Scalp Ampoule – P500

Hair Treatment:
Prices start at P500 (short) up to P1,200 (extra long)

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