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Space Buns Are Back, And Here Are 16 Looks We Know You'll Want To Recreate

Intergalactic cuteness!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/nadine, (RIGHT) Instagram/milliebobbybrown

Space buns started waaaay back, but they were catapulted back into the spotlight by various celebs, including Ariana Grande, the Kardashiansand Hailey Bieber, to name a few.

Not only are they cool AF, they're actually the answer to a plethora of hair problems. Greasy hair? Space bun. Frizzy hair? Space bun. Yep, they lend themselves better to second, even third day hair—the messier the bun the better, tbh.

How do you get 'em? If your hair is unwashed, douse your hair with dry shampoo, section and sweep into two, securing each piece at the base with a hair tie. Then, begin twisting the loose part of your hair around to create the bun shape. Keep the front of your hair scraped back, or leave pieces out for a nostalgic nod to the '90s (this is also our personal preference, FYI).

Pimp your space buns with plaits, braids, clips—whatever you fancy. You can also leave the back of your hair down (otherwise known as a hun). Looking for inspo? No probs, we've rounded up some of the best space bun styles out there so go wild this weekend, guys.

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  1. Issa Pressman

  2. Billie Eilish

  3. Amber

  4. Nyané

  5. Sophie Hannah

  6. Nadine Lustre

  7. Khloe Kardashian

  8. Vivoree Esclito

  9. Millie Bobby Brown

  10. Jessica Woodley

  11. Arci Muñoz

  12. Nyané

  13. Bleach London

  14. Gina Box

  15. Blue Tit London

  16. Poppy Delevingne

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