Have You Seen Sue Ramirez's '90s-Inspired Hairstyle?

Suddenly, it's 1995 again.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Friends/Warner Bros. Television Distribution, (RIGHT) Instagram/sueannadoodles

I swear, '90s trends won't ever go away, especially in beauty. Recently, Sue Ramirez posted a photo of herself sporting a very familiar hairstyle: Her tresses fell right above the shoulders and they had thick, choppy layers—just like the "The Rachel!" It was the haircut Jennifer Aniston popularized when she starred in the hit TV series Friends in 1995.

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But unlike the "The Rachel," (which looks a bit dated, tbh) Sue's hairstyle isn't too poufy on top. It has just the right amount of volume and bounce.

Also, you can easily update it using 2018's go-to 'do: A textured, bedhead lob!

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Are you a fan of '90s hairstyles? Let us know in the comments!

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