7 Easy Ways To Style Shoulder-Length Hair, As Seen On Sue Ramirez

Make your awkward hair length *not* look awkward at all.
PHOTO: Instagram: sueannadoodles

The shoulder-length hairstyle is also considered as the alanganin stage of a bob haircut. It's not too short and not too long, so there are times when you become tamad to think of ways to style it. Before you get tempted to put your hair up in a regular ponytail, turn to Sue Ramirez's looks to get awkward hair length inspo!

  1. Side ponytail

    Get a polished lewk by parting your hair on the side and tying it into a low ponytail.

  2. The hun

    A tiny bun paired with a half ponytail will instantly make you look extra cute.

  3. Half-ponytail + full bangs

    This hairstyle will emphasize your fringe and your facial bone structure.

  4. Twisted updo

    Roll and twist the sides of your hair to create this look. Secure everything with hairpins and a few spritzes of hair spray.

  5. High ponytail

    The key to styling shoulder-length hair into a high ponytail? A lot of hairpins!

  6. Big waves + middle-part

    Attending a wedding? Create big, romantic waves by wrapping sections of your in large Velcro rollers. Keep the curls intact with a hair spray.

  7. High bun

    Expose your neck and shoulders to the cool breeze by putting your hair up in a high bun. Keep stray strands in place with hairpins or pretty barrettes.

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