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Summer-Friendly Hairstyles For The Office

Want to look fresh at work even in the unbearable summer heat? Try these no-fuss hairdo ideas.

Office Hair

Braids and updos are so in this summer. The best part? They don't have to look impeccable! A few stray strands here and there can add an air of effortless sexiness to your look.

Try these simple pulled-back hairstyles that you can pull off at work.

The Trend: Low Fishtail Plaits

To do, just braid your hair loosely, starting from your nape. Then, chic it up by attaching a cute pin or brooch over the elastic.

Tip: Apply mousse beforehand to keep your plaits in place.

The Trend: A Loose Bun

Start by gathering strands into a high ponytail, then tightly braid the tail until the ends. Next, wind the plait around the base of your ponytail and secure the ends with a hair pin.

Tip: For smoother hair (and less frizz), comb conditioner through strands, rinse, then comb again to seal the cuticle before drying and styling.

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