This Celeb-Approved Ponytail Is The Easiest Sexy Hairstyle You Can Try

It's pretty basic, but it adds serious cool points!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/nadine, (RIGHT) Instagram/justineclaudia

While celebrities' long lustrous hair may be pretty to have, it's hard to pull it off ourselves. We aren't blessed with a glam team, and nobody has the time to go through the whole shebang of blow-drying and putting on extensions. Thankfully, we've spotted stars wearing a more doable hairstyle: a tousled, high pony. 

It reminds us of cheerleader ponytails, but this version is messier and roughed up with waves. To cop the edgy updo, leave foam curlers overnight or sleep in braids to get texture. Then, in the morning, spritz sea salt spray or dry shampoo before putting your hair up.

It does require effort, but it's all worth it. Just see how your new fave hairstyle looks on these celebs:

1. Nadine Lustre turns it up with hoop earrings and rose-colored glasses.

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2. The wavy ponytail highlights Ella Cruz's ombré strands.

3. Kathryn Bernardo lets a few strands frame her face for a sexier look.

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4. Sue Ramirez's undone high pony appears even cooler when paired with drunk-blush and glossy lips.

5. But if you're too lazy to curl your hair, you can still ride on the trend by not brushing your strands and by getting choppy side-bangs, just like Selena Gomez.

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