Your Handy Guide To Combs And Brushes

Of course they're not the same!

Wide-Tooth Comb

Best used for untangling hair after showering, because this comb can help prevent breakage and damage.

Goody Rake Comb, price available upon request

Regular Comb

If you don't have a wide-tooth comb, a regular comb can detangle your hair post-shower, too.

Goody Start Style Finish Super Comb, P209.75

Rat-Tail Comb

Rat-tail combs have fine teeth with a long and thin handle. The long handle makes it perfect for making a precise parting in your hair, while the fine teeth help you smooth out frizz to achieve super-sleek tresses.

Goody Start Style Finish Rat Tail Comb, P169.75

Teasing Comb

Teasing combs look a lot like rat-tail combs, only they have finer teeth, so you can create more volume. Some teasing combs are actually a double-edged wand—with a fine tooth comb on one end to smoothen out hair.

Goody Start Style Finish Double Sided Comb, P289.75

Round/Roller Brush

Round brushes are most commonly used for blow drying to create waves and curls. Just like your curling irons, the bigger the brush, the bigger the curls. Remember, round brushes with ceramic plates and vents will help air flow through your mane better, thus giving you catwalk-worthy hair!

Goody Start Style Finish Straighten It Out, P999.75

Paddle Brush

A paddle brush is usually wide and flat, with the bristles sitting on a cushioned bed—perfect if you want to have an instant hair massage! Use this to detangle and maintain your long locks.

Goody Start Style Finish Smooth Finish Brush, P999.75

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