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The Easy Hair Trick That Will Update Your Look In Seconds

And it's absolutely free!

A few months ago, we learned the surprising reason why so many celebs were into doing a deep side part for a lot of their red carpet appearances. It’s because this particular hairstyle drew more attention to the eyes and showed off their bone structure better.

From that, we picked up the trick celebs have been doing for ages to change up their looks effortlessly: they played with their hair part.

For example, a center part can make you look younger, while your natural part can make your face appear slimmer. Switching up your part and creating faux bangs can also create the illusion of a narrower forehead.

Take a look at model Gigi Hadid in three different styles: a sleek deep side part with a low ponytail, a center part with an updo, and slicked-back hair.

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Bianca Gonzalez-Intal also turns to this trick for her different events. Here she is with a regular side part, an off-center part, and a deep side part with braids:

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Cosmo cover girl Nadine Lustre is no stranger to this beauty hack. Check out how the On The Wings Of Love star transforms with just her hair part.

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The next time you do your hair, grab a rat tail comb, and start playing with your part—don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the ~*perfect*~ one for you!

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