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Try This Easy Test To See If You Should Dye Your Hair

Ready for the big change?

Taking the plunge to get a dye job can give women a lot of anxiety. Who can blame us? Dyeing our locks is a huge risk, and not everyone is willing to try it out.

Before you decide to buy boxed dye and start a DIY job or book an appointment at the salon, why don’t you try to see first if hair your hair is healthy enough to take the strain?

InStyle reports that there is an easy trick to see if your hair can make it through coloring. NYC-based stylist and color specialist Elizabeth Maloy suggests pulling a section of hair tight in between your fingers. Then add a drop of water onto your hair and see how long the droplet will disappear. “If the water is absorbed by the hair in less than ten seconds, the cuticle is compromised and strands are too damaged to be dyed properly,” she said.

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So what happens if you don’t pass the test? You take care of your hair and try the test again the following week! Fix the damage that you’ve caused your locks by staying away from hot tools and investing in a solid haircare routine. If you feel like you’ve beaten up your mane with your frequent blowouts and sun exposure, try using a deep-conditioning hair mask to reverse the damage.

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