Turns Out, You Can Curl Your Hair With Bubble Wrap

That's one way to put all that bubble wrap from holiday shopping to good use.

In a video tutorial by YouTube blogger Paula Stephânia, the Brazilian beauty pushed her traditional hair rollers aside and decided to make her own curlers out of bubble wrap instead. I don't speak Portuguese and have no idea what she's saying in the video, but I know bubble wrap—and a great idea—when I see it.

Stephânia starts by cutting what looks like foot-long squares of bubble wrap and rolling each one up so the roll is about an inch in diameter. You could probably use longer sections of bubble wrap to make the rollers thicker if you want bigger curls.

Then she preps her hair with leave-in conditioner and styling cream. Because the bubble wrap isn't porous and won't soak up excess water, it's best to start with mostly dry hair instead of super-damp hair.

After her hair is prepped, she wraps the ends neatly around the bubble wrap and twists it up to her roots. Once she rolls up her hair, she bends the ends of the bubble wrap roll together to make a raindrop shape and then secures the wraps in place with a rubber band.

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She then lets her hair set over night, and in the morning, she carefully unrolls the curls and uses her fingers to comb them through.

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And there you have it. Beautiful, bouncy, bubble wrap curls.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. 

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