Umbrella-ing Is The Secret To Big, Bouncy Curls

You will be OBSESSED.

Ever curled your hair only to end up with sad, limp locks? It’s probably because you’re missing this one clever hair trick to score big and bouncy curls.

Lauren Valenti, Digital Editor of Marie Claire, shared a trick she picked up from her go-to hairstylist, Kat Zemtsova, called “Umbrella-ing”. Lauren discovered the method after she asked for fluffy disco curls, and Kat started taking out pieces of curls and pushing them upwards like so:

The results:


Apparently, this trick will work on both natural and faux curls—it’s just another form of teasing, only it won’t disrupt the curls. Kat suggests using a lightweight—so it won’t weigh your curls down—texturizing spray as you go to add a bit more character to your locks.  

The next time you aim for big fluffy curls, try this trick out—it will change the way you do your hair forever.

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