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Beauty Quickie: Want To Cut Your Hair Drying Time In Half?

Because long, thick hair is such a bitch to dry.

Here's a beauty hack to try: You can use a paper towel to squeeze out the excess water from your hair post-shower. 

Okay, truthfully, it'll take you a million years to completely dry your hair using this method, but it will make your blow drying time faster, for sure.

If you don't want to use heat to style your hair, absorb excess moisture with the paper towels, apply curling mousse to the ends of your tresses, and tie in a loose, low bun—or do a chic side braid. Let your hair down once you get to the office or school. Salon-worthy locks in less than five minutes!

Who knew kitchen towels could do more than just wipe off stains from your dinner table?

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