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17 Problems Only Women With Wavy Hair Understand

Volumizing products make you look like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet.

1. You always have to do SOME type of styling to your hair if you want it to look put-together. 

This means you either have to curl it with a curling iron or face the daunting task of straightening it, even the extra curly bits underneath which never do anything you want them do because they're arrogant like that.

2. When you put your hair up wispy bits stick out on the sides.

You need hairspray or ~*magic~* to have a smooth ponytail without a crust of hairspray over your 'do. Smooth hair at the gym is but a far off dream.

3. Frizzy is your hair's go-to style. 

Even heat styling, hair serums, and salt spray are sometimes powerless to overcome this.

4. De-frizz creams make your hair look a special combination of frizzy AND greasy. 

They never just gently relax your hair like ads claim they will.

5. Volumizing products make you look like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet.


Volumizing = the ultimate frizzy special.

6. If you brush your natural hair it looks gigantic. 

You have considered making acquaintances with a wide tooth comb. You never do, though, because every hair product you buy at the drug store always seems to end up disappointing you.

7. If you do manage to get your hair big and Beyoncé-ish aka perfect-looking before you go out, it stands a strong chance of getting flat and sad-looking again by the time you get to where you're going. T

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When you inevitably spend the night flipping your hair around and sprinkling water with it and doing all kinds of creative shit in attempt to fluff it up.

8. If there is any kind of weather happening outside, your hair will do whatever your hair damn well wants to do. 

Your hair bows down to humidy, rain, and drizzle like a little bitch.

9. You can't seamlessly run your fingers through your hair. 

Unless you've straightened it (which you probably haven't). Nor can your lover. Either it's too curly or frizzy to do so or you've put hairspray in it and it's crispy.

10. If you swim in the ocean then lay out to dry it turns into one big fat knot. 

You could stuff a starfish in there and no one would know.


11. If you get bangs you have to straighten them and/or all of your hair. 

12. The bottom half of your strands are always curlier than the part toward roots. 

Which is why you have to curl it or straighten it always.

13. Your hair is reallllly curly underneath and not that curly on top. 

Because wavy hair is definition bipolar.

14. If you get a bob you have to straighten or curl it otherwise your head looks like a half-wet/generally bad version Alexa Chung's.

15. When you go to the salon, few stylists can style your hair so that it looks naturally wavy (unless you are an Olsen twin, of course).

They always blow it straight with cheesy Kate Middleton curls at the end and think they've made your hair look natural.


16. When you let it air dry you never know what it's going to do. 

It could turn into perfect Beyoncé hair or it could turn into a man-eating frizz dragon, you just never know.

17. When you travel you often feel compelled to pack a curling iron and straightening iron. 

Because you never know if the climate of where you're going is going to beat your hair into straight or curly submission.


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