Would Heart Rather Give Up Having Brows Or Wearing Sunscreen?

Her answer will surprise you!
PHOTO: Sam Navalta, Erika Dupali ILLUSTRATION: Kathryn Baltazar

Like us, Heart Evangelista is a beauty addict. So it's obvs that she has a lot of makeup, skincare, and hair favorites. But if she could only choose one, which would she pick? Find out which trends and looks she chose below:

VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Ira Nopuente, Tisha Caedo

VIDEO SHOT BY: Erika Dupali, Sam Navalta

VIDEO EDITED BY: Jean Saturnino, Patrick Papa, Eli Valdeabella

ILLUSTRATION BY: Kathryn Baltazar

MAKEUP: May Francisco

HAIRPaul Cayabyab

STYLINGKat CruzJohn Karunungan 

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