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The Amount That Jeffree Star Gets Paid To Use A New Product Will Make You Cry

Warning: This one stings.

Some people pay money to try makeup products, and othersthe lucky onesget paid to try them. And the super lucky ones get paid six figures to do so.

It's common knowledge by now that Jeffree Star is really, really ridiculously wealthy. In addition to his YouTube cash and lucrative side projects, Jeffree makes bank from his highly-praised namesake cosmetic line. He told YouTuber David Dobrik this summer that he makes $150 million (P7.98 billion) a year. If that number leaves you shook, maybe you should stop reading here because the next figure I'm about to drop is really going to leave you speechless.

In a series of recent tweets, Jeffree divulged that brands, or rather, one brand in particular has offered to pay him $165k (P8.78 million) for using a product.

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Let's sit on that for a sec.

What that means is that Jeffree Star could potentially make more money trying a new product than it would take many people to earn in years. YEARS!

But the painful (for me) truth is that plenty of beauty influencers earn a considerable amount of money in exchange for trying products, and Jeffree has been working to expose those deals, according to his Twitter.

Before he shared how much money one mystery brand offered him, Jeffree sent out a tweet that said, "Remember how I was going to film a video exposing makeup brand deals? The brand I was working with just bitched out and cancelled because they are worried that the price they pay me, will upset their other clients. They don't want the $ exposed anymore."

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That tweet was later followed by one that says, "Hopefully I can find another company who would love the exposure, as well as talk about the secrets and 'behind the scenes' about brand deals in the beauty industry. 2019 what's good? Who's not scared?"

As much as it would pain me to watch a whole video about how rich other people are, I would probs still watch it. Wouldn't you?

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