Tea time!
Has your life been, IDK, just missing something lately? Same, and that something is beauty vlogger drama. But Jeffree Star came through with a review of Kylie Jenner's new skincare line, Kylie Skin, and it's best described as
It's protected by a 10,000-pound bulletproof stainless steel door!
With over 14 million YouTube followers, 1.5 billion views, and a multi-million dollar makeup brand, you can bet that internet sensation Jeffree Star has a closet brimming with luxury pieces to show for his success. And when we say closet,
Please settle right in, because the ongoing beauty vlogger drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook just took a turn for the wildly messy. In case you need a quick refresher, Tati recently hit up YouTube to post an almost hour-long
'I feel like I need to remind you that we can hold truth and inspire change without grabbing onto hate.'
To state the obvious for a second: This is not a great week to be YouTuber James Charles. Despite spending last week at the Met Gala, he walked right off the carpet and into a world of drama once his former close
There's yet another update in the ongoing beauty vlogger drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook. By which I mean Jeffree Star has decided to spill a bunch of tea all over the dirty floor that is Twitter and dish
'I really do truly love Jeffree Star & his products.'
Last week, Jeffree Star took to YouTube to reveal that his shipping warehouse was broken into and $2.5 million in new and unreleased product was stolen.Following the burglary, the stolen Magic Star concealers were put up for sale in a
*Insert Kris Jenner FBI gif*
If you were a celebrity with Serious News™, April Fool's Day would be a bad day to announce it, but c'est la vie in the case of Jeffree Star's new drama. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder started tweeting
So what’s the truth?
Well, here's a name you haven't heard from in a while regarding some major feud in the celeb world! Makeup mogul Jeffree Star, who has had some drama with Kim Kardashian in the past, is not here for any of
Think it'll get his stamp of approval?
If you watch Jeffree Star's beauty videos religiously like we do, then you know he only speaks the truth when it comes to makeup products he reviews. That's why when he asked his Twitter followers for what they
Imagine having both Jeffree Starr's pay cheque AND makeup collection.
Forbes has released its annual list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world and, in 2018, it's been topped by a seven-year-old. Yes, you read that correctly.The YouTuber who earned the most money this year
Warning: This one stings.
Some people pay money to try makeup products, and others-the lucky ones-get paid to try them. And the super lucky ones get paid six figures to do so.It's common knowledge by now that Jeffree Star is really,
Jeffree Star had a very busy year.
The days of YouTube being a place for smoky eye tutorials are long gone and instead, 2018 saw the beauty community plagued with scandal, drama, and a horrifying amount of racist Tweets. From Gabriel Zamora who lit the match that started '
The makeup mogul does not hold back when it comes to his reviews.
What's up everybody, welcome back to our website. Today we're here to talk about Jeffree Star's makeup reviews and his iconic 'Jeffree Star approved' franchise. As controversial a figure as Jeffree is, when he
He was actually a 'screamo' artist!
We all know Jeffree Star as an Internet celebrity, makeup artist, and cosmetics mogul. But did you know he had a successful music career before...everything? Jeffree has a studio album, extended plays, around five singles, music videos-the works! Jeffree'
Also, you can finally shop Jeffree Star Cosmetics here in the Philippines!
Freyja, a beauty community hub, opens its doors today, October 19. The Glorietta 2 space is decorated with all things Instagrammable, and it's intended to be that way. The whole shop has Wi-Fi, so you can create content while
Let's just say that he did NOT extend an olive branch.
On September 25, 2018, Laura Lee made her return to YouTube by uploading a three-minute apology video titled, "Lets chat."The YouTuber and makeup brand owner had been silent on all forms of social media after her racist tweets from 2012
Answer: VERY.
If you like makeup and are the type of person who can spend hours on YouTube pondering the meaning of life and/or the best foundations for oily skin, chances are you're well aware of Jeffree Star. The MUA is
The drama continues.
While you've been living your life and going to work from nine to five, the YouTube beauty community has been burning to the ground and swirling with controversies, including Laura Lee's racist Tweets.To give you as brief
This Twitter feud might actually make your head explode.
Please, take a seat because this YouTube beauty vlogger feud is going to make your head spin. The latest scandal to hit the YouTube community involves vloggers Jeffree Star (9.8 million subscribers) Gabriel Zamora (679 thousand followers), Manny "MUA" Gutierrez (5
The 'Jeffree Star Approved' series is trademarked in the U.S.
This is Jeffree Star-YouTuber, makeup artist, and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.He has a series on his YouTube channel called "Is It Jeffree Star Approved?" where he reviews ~viral~ makeup products such as the Harry Potter eyeshadow palette, the highlighter
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