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10 Reasons Why Your Makeup Looks Chaka

Your brows are groomed, but you used the wrong shade of brow product to fill them in. And that is never okay.

1. You don’t take care of your skin. Makeup can only do so much. If you have bad skin, it will show through, even if you pile on the most potent concealers in the market. Invest in a good skincare routine—makeup trends will come and go, but having good skin is forever.

2. You’re using the wrong tools. Where do we even begin to explain the importance of using the right tools to apply your makeup? For example, your eyeshadow probably looks like a tragedy because your eye brushes are too big for your eyes. Reevaluate the tools that you use on a daily basis and see if they’re causing your makeup boo-boos. Here’s a guide on using natural and synthetic brushes.

3. Your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone. Unless you’re dressing up as a floating head for Halloween, it’s never a good idea to wear foundation that’s not your shade. The easiest way to find your match is by testing out shades that you feel will go with your tone. Swatch them on your jawline and let them set for at least an hour. Check your reflection in natural light after and see which shade "disappears" into your skin—that's The One. (But in case you make the grave mistake of buying the wrong shade of foundation, here’s a guide on how you can still make it work for you.)


4. Your brows aren’t properly groomed. There’s a fine line between gorgeous bushy brows and unruly arches. Be sure to pluck and trim away any stray hairs so your brows perfectly frame your face. (Here’s a full list of why your brows look tragic and how you can fix them.)

5. Your brows are groomed, but you used the wrong shade of brow product to fill them in. Having brows that don’t match your hair is one of the biggest makeup mistakes you can ever make. Because most Pinays have dark hair, they should stay away from brow products with blonde undertones. The trick is to test out your brow product first to see if the shade matches you well. Sometimes, it may seem like the brown brow pencil matches your brows, but they actually turn out to be too orange or red when applied. Yikes.

6. Your concealer is way too light for your skin tone. If your dark under-eye area is your problem, begin by using a peach-toned color-correcting concealer to neutralize any discoloration. Blend it in using your fingers. Top this off with a brightening liquid concealer to draw more light onto the area, making you look more awake. Set everything with translucent powder.

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7. You’re going for too many looks at the same time. Put the focus on only one area of your face. If you’re going for a bold eye, keep your base clean and finish it with a neutral lip. If you want a bold lip, keep the rest of your makeup simple.

8. You make everything matte. Matte makeup can add years to your face, so go for dewy-looking, more natural finish.

9. You don’t blend. Blending is the number one rule in makeup. When applying any product on your face, blend it in. Streaks of foundation, bronzer, and concealer can totally ruin your look!

10. You still make a fish face when you apply your blush. Blush is meant to be applied on the apples of your cheeks—the fleshy part of your cheeks when you smile. The technique of applying blush on the hollow of your cheeks will instantly make your makeup look dated and old. 


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