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10 Things Makeup Addicts Are Tired Of Hearing

'Do you REALLY need that much makeup?'

1. "Do you really need that much makeup?"

Yes. Because it is totally normal to have five shades of red lipstick, seven bottles of foundation, and 10 eye shadow palettes.

But really, we all have those things that we collect because it makes us feel good. Guys collect sneakers, dads collect cars, teenage girls get cute notebooks, I collect makeup. That's just how life is. 

2. "Can you do my makeup? For free?"

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Okay, just because I like makeup doesn’t necessarily mean that I am also #blessed with skills to do other people’s makeup, too. I like makeup, but I'm no makeup artist. 

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3. "Why do you have so many?"

Wala lang. 

4. "I would never pay 1,000 pesos for lipstick."

Too bad, because I would. I have. And I will. I'm also considering buying that 4,000 peso lipstick, just because. Walang basagan ng trip. 

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5. "Who are you trying to look good for ba?"

Me, myself, and I.

6. "Your lipstick is too dark! How do you expect boys to kiss you?"

I will wear whatever lip color I want to wear. Go away. And I don’t plan on kissing boys with my Tom Ford lipstick. Ano siya, swerte?

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7. "Mag-grocery lang, naka-makeup pa?"

I’d cry at your attempt to ~*insult*~ me, but my mascara’s too expensive.

8. "But you look SO MUCH better WITHOUT makeup!"


9. "Why are people so obsessed with eyebrows anyway? It’s so stupid."

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Darling, do you even know the importance of eyebrows? No? No?

10. "I like girls who don’t wear makeup."

Ah okay. Gwapo mo ah.

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