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3 Tips To Looking Amazing Straight Out Of Bed

Want to look fresh and flawless first thing in the morning? columnist Bianca Valerio clues us in on snooze time tricks to keep wrinkles and breakouts at bay.

If there’s one thing we would never want to be caught dead in, it’s that just-got-out-of-bed look! Mind you, this is not in any way, shape, or form the same as the just-had-sex look, which is often associated with looking flushed, sexy, and hot.

Unfortunately, even Hollywood celebrities like Halle Berry and supermodel Cindy Crawford have admitted that even they wish they woke up looking like the uber-sexy personas they’re famous for. 

So does that leave us any hope in looking even close to presentable when we get up in the morning? We may not have the potion of perfection, but we’ve got three easy tricks you can master. You’ll begin to see what Sleeping Beauty looks like--in you.

1. Lay like Sleeping Beauty.

No, really. Just like the famous fable depicts, Briar Rose slept with her head facing up--not left or right.
Dermatologists can tell what side you sleep on simply by looking at your face. Your skin is more prone to early wrinkle formation when you place weight on either side of your face when you sleep.

Okay, we never said it was easy, since we can’t always control how we sleep. That’s why it takes a lot of practice and discipline.

Try placing a pillow on either side of your body as closely as possible, as if they were sandwiching you. This will make your body feel as if it doesn’t have much room to move, psychologically making you think you need to sleep in a steady position.

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2. Kiss and make up.

 If there’s one thing you should never do when going to bed, it’s being angry! Be it with a lover, a friend, or family, there’s nothing emotionally, and in this case, physically beneficial in sleeping with a grudge at the back of your mind, as they’ll only end up on your face.

When we are in deep sleep, our subconscious focuses on the last thoughts and feelings we had before going to bed. So if those emotions were stressful or anything negative, the facial muscles that cause us to frown are getting a good exercise as we sleep. Not good!

So do a double dose of goodness to your beauty routine--and your relationships--by going to bed as happy as possible!

3. Sleep with a clean slate.

We can never stress this enough: never sleep without doing your regular CTM (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize) routine first!

Even if you never wore makeup prior, sweat, grime, dust, and the like have accumulated on your skin’s surface, which needs to be cleaned to prevent breakouts.

Moisturizers work their best when we are asleep--more so if your face has been prepped properly, in other words, cleansed and toned. If you only apply moisturizer and you still have accumulated dead skin or dirt on your face, consider it a useless effort.

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