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3 Ways To Make Your Summer Makeup Last Longer

Prolong your hot summer looks even in the scorching heat with these tips from columnist, model and makeup artist Bianca Valerio.

Living in a tropical country should make us experts at adapting to fickle weather by now, but with global warming reaching exorbitant heights, there's just no escaping the summer heat! If your makeup ends up fading away in this humidity, here are three easy tips to incorporate into your routine that will do wonders in the name of prolonged beauty:

1. Exfoliate!

Our skin regenerates every second of the day, which causes accumulation of dead skin on the topmost surface. The key to preventing this is to gently exfoliate your face to reveal the smooth, fresh skin underneath. This helps cosmetics get absorbed faster and makeup products adhere better. You'll also avoid blotchy, uneven application, which is normally caused by a rough skin surface and bumpy complexion.

2. Moisturize!

Prior to makeup application, apply an oil-free moisturizer with SPF. Oil-free formulations are water-based and help absorb excess moisture upon application. Allow the moisturizer to get fully absorbed before moving on to your preferred primer. (You can put eye cream on your eye area, too, if you're prone to fine lines).

Aside from making your makeup last, your main beauty must-do this summer is to protect your skin, particularly on the face and neck, from the harsh rays of the sun. Makeup products with SPF aren't enough sun protection, so be sure to apply facial sunscreen first.

3. Prime!

After applying your moisturizer with SPF, the next step in your makeup process should be to put primer. Primers serve as the quick fix for pressing skin concerns, like redness, large pores, sallowness, fine lines, and makeup longevity, prior to the actual makeup application. This allows you less makeup usage with maximum effects. More importantly, primers serve as a base for makeup to adhere to, helping it last much, much longer and have a more natural-looking finish.

A caveat to those picking up a primer for the first time: Be careful about what primer you use. Many products in the market are labeled "primers" when, in fact, they are really just moisturizers. Depending on your skin's clarity, texture, and specific needs, you may need something more heavy-duty.

How about you? What tricks do you swear by to help your makeup last during the summer months? Share it with your Cosmo sisters!

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