6 Celebs Who Look Gorgeous In Glasses

Ditch those contacts and let your eyes breathe, y'all!

Everyone deserves a break from wearing contact lenses. Because as convenient as they are, nothing feels as good as not having to worry about a lens drying out or worse, ripping midday. Here, seven celebs who traded in their contacts for their trusty eye glasses (and beauty lessons we picked up from them).

Anne Curtis

A true jet-setter, Anne knows better than to put on her contacts when going on a long-haul flight. The recycled air in the aircraft can cause your eyes to get very dry mid-flight, and you’ll have to deal with red and dry peepers up in the air. No bueno. If you still wish to wear contacts, use a daily disposable one. That way, when your eyes begin to feel uncomfortable, you can easily take them out and throw them away. (But really, just wear glasses!)

Megan Young

Who says you can’t wear makeup under your glasses? Take a cue from Megan Young and go for full, luscious lashes to really open up your eyes under your specs. Add a pop of color by swiping on your choice of lipstick and you’re ready for the day.

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Liza Soberano

Glasses can either dress up or dress down your look. Check out how Liza Soberano made her cap, crop-top, high waist jeans, and flannel shirt-around-the-waist combo look super casual with her black-rimmed glasses.

Georgina Wilson

Smokey eye and specs for a night out on the town? Georgina Wilson says you can!

Isabelle Daza

If you’re looking for glasses that are both casual and dressy at the same time, you might want to check out tortoise-rimmed specs, just like the pair Isabelle Daza is wearing.

Maxene Magalona

After a long work day, give your eyes some rest by taking out your contacts and putting on your glasses—your eyes need to rest. Then proceed to do your activities at home like, wrapping lumpia and stuff like Maxene Magalona.

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