6 Mini-Makeovers You Can Do Right Now

Feel brand new instantly!

When you're itching to get a makeover but you're not looking into something drastic, say, a haircut or hair color, there are other methods you can try to change your look. We've got prettifying suggestions below, and they will only take you less than a minute to do.

1. Go for the gold.
Add a bit of golden strobe magic on strategic areas of your face to glow like a celebrity. After applying blush, sweep a golden powder highlighter on top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, and at the central edge of the lower lip. Unlike the usual pearl white illuminators, gold looks more natural because it mimics the warm undertones of the Pinay complexion.

2. Give your black liner a rest.
There are instances when black liner looks too sharp for daytime, so trade your black liner with a dark brown one for something more subtle.

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3. Be adventurous with your lashes.
Don't be scared to wear color on your lashes. Blue mascara (or liner) brings out brown eyes, making your orbs look younger and brighter.

4. Embrace bushy brows.
We’re so used to using pencil on our brows. Why not try brushing up the hairs with a volumizing brow mascara for a more natural look? Your brow hairs will appear more pronounced, and it will seem like you grew a perfect set of arches yourself.

5. Liquify it.
No, we're not talking about editing your face through an app or Photoshop. You can possess pillowy soft lips a la Kylie Jenner or Angelina Jolie just by swiping on liquid lipstick. Unlike its bullet form, this formula is extremely hydrating, yet it boasts of amazing pigment and lasting power.

6. Change your perfume or light a scented candle
Use the power of scent to lift you up and put you in a good mood. Here are some suggestions to help you relax when you're stressed

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This article originally appeared on Femalenetwork.com.
* Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.
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