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6 Ways To Keep Your Makeup Flawless All Day Long

Save yourself from touch-ups!

1. Prep your skin. In order for makeup to stay on your skin all day long, give it a flawless base to cling on to. Use the right skincare products before applying your foundation. 

2. Primer is crucial. Think of what your skin needs when selecting a primer. If you have oily skin, select an oil-controlling one. Discoloration or uneven skin tone? Opt for a color-correcting one. If you’re unhappy about your pores, use a pore-filling primer instead. Primers will keep your foundation from smearing and melting off your face. Be sure to select wisely. There are also special primers which can be a great base before you put on eyeshadow and mascara!

3. Creams and liquids first, then powders. As a general rule, apply all your cream and liquid cosmetics before layering on your powder makeup, as the powders will set your liquids and creams.

4. Let your makeup set in between layers. A common mistake women make is moving on to the next makeup step without letting each layer set. When you do this, you end up dragging the product around your skin, which cancels out all your efforts of blending and buffing. Let each layer set for at least five minutes before adding another layer.

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5. Pick your formulas wisely.  Read the labels of every cosmetic you pick up. Key words we like seeing? “Long-lasting,” “waterproof,” and “long-wearing.” These products usually mean business.

6. Touch-ups are optional. Here’s a surprising beauty secret that is very common among beauty editors: they don’t carry a lot of products for touch-ups. Why, you may ask? Because if makeup is done the right way and your skin is primed the right way, then there shouldn’t be a need to touch-up!

But if your one big beauty problem is your oily skin sopping up your makeup look, carry a pack of oil-control sheets to zap away oil when you need to. Once you’ve gotten rid of the grease, pat on loose powder.

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