How To Snooze Your Alarm And Still Look Put-Together In The A.M.

Beauty hacks for girls who cannot wake up early.

Let's get real. It's much more satisfying to press the snooze button than to wake up 30 minutes earlier just to look presentable. But of course, we don't encourage you to look shabby or show up late for work! Here, we gathered the beauty hacks you can master to shave minutes off your usual morning beauty routine.

1. Dry shampoo it!

When you don't have the extra minutes to wash your hair, simply spray dry shampoo on the roots to lift them and rid your locks of the greasy feel and odor.

2. Style your hair the night before.

Wake up to easy, lived-in locks in the morning by doing this trick: After you shower at night, set your damp hair by massaging it with styling lotion and tying it into loose braids. Use a ribbon hair tie to prevent breakage and unwanted bends.

3. Use a leave-in conditioner.

If you don't have patience to wait for your conditioner to seep in during your morning shower, a leave-in conditioner will be your best friend. Massage on the ends of towel-dried hair for softer and more manageable locks.

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4. Fall in love with BB and CC creams.

Thank the beauty gods for gifting us with multitasking face bases. BB and CC Creams cover our blemishes, take care of our skin, and protect us against the sun’s rays (which is not an excuse to skip SPF, btdubs.)

5. Put on a bright lipstick.

Appear made up in a flash by just swiping on a full, bold lip.

6. Skip the eyeliner and eyeshadow.

You need to concentrate when you're doing your lids, and it can be challenging when you're in a rush. Look fresh sans eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lash curler by using a curling mascara.

7. Invest in long-term hair removal.

Escape the struggle of shaving hairy areas every time by undergoing laser treatment sessions. Although the price may seem steep, the convenience of not having to shave body hair ever again is all worth it.

8. Organize your makeup.

You might not think this has an effect, but hear us out: When your makeup goods are in their proper place, it will be easier for you to locate your morning beauty essentials, hence helping you save time.

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