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This CC Cream Comes In A Stick!

These chubby pens were made to target whatever your skin concerns are.

Once upon a time, we wrote about how CC Creamsor Color Correcting creams are revolutionizing how we do our makeup. Thanks to the CC, the BB, and more double-letter skin saviors, we can hide our blemishes and wrinkles, moisturize, and protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays just by using one wonder product!

But there's a new batch of CC Creams: Max Factor's CC Sticks, which neutralize dark spots and even out your skin tone. Sounds like your normal double-letter cream, right? Not really.

These CC Sticks come in five colors: peach (evens out dark spots for morenas), pink (evens out dark spots for fair-skinned girls), lilac (counteracts sallow and yellow areas), yellow (neutralizes purple tones, like your undereye circles), green (conceals zits and reduces redness), plus an illuminator that reflects light—making you seem like you're lit-from-within. 

The technology behind this? It's basically your fifth-grade art class. Neutralizers are complimentary opposites on the color wheel, so when combined, they cancel each other out.

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Best thing about these chubby pens? Each one addresses one skin concern, so you don't have to buy all six to get gorgeous skin!

Each stick retails for P695, and is available at beauty counters in all leading department stores nationwide.

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