Anne Curtis Does Nicole Andersson's Makeup While Blindfolded

You have to see Nicole's eyebrows, LOL!
PHOTO: Youtube/Nicole Andersson

We love celebrity makeup challenges! It's fun to watch stars being silly on cam—it makes them more relatable, tbh! This time, we see Anne Curtis take on the blindfolded makeup challenge on her friend Nicole Andersson

Nicole shared that she's single and that she needs Anne to do a date night makeup look on her. Anne brings out BLK Cosmetics, which embodies "uncomplicated beauty." She's confident that she can accomplish Nicole's look even when she's blindfolded. 

The key highlights? When Anne attempted to draw feathery strokes on Nicole's kilay, and when she demonstrated Robbie Piñera's (Anne's makeup artist) eye makeup technique. Watch to see Nicole's finished look:

Anne Curtis Blindfold Makeup Challenge - Makeover | Nicole Andersson

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