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These Pinays Share Their Favorite Liquid Eyeliners

'Yung mas matibay pa kumapit kesa sa jowa mo.'

Liquid eyeliners can be a bit tricky to use—you need a steady, expert hand to draw a perfect line and wing. Once you get the hang of it though, applying it will be a breeze! There's just something about perfecting your cat-eye that makes you feel like you can take on the rest of your day confidently! But what's even harder than drawing a sharp feline flick is finding~The One~ (aka your holy grail liner!).

That said, we asked the girls from Cosmo Mixers (our super ~*fun*~ group that you should totally join!) to share their ride-or-die liquid eyeliner. Check out their answers below:

  1. Careline Graph-ink Liner

    "Current obsession: The Careline Graph-Ink liner! Sobrang mura and does the job soooooo well." - Audrey

    Careline Graph-ink Liner, P165, Lazada


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  2. Quick Flick Eyeliner

    "[I like] yung may wing stamp, I use yung 10mm [Modest]. Maraming eyeliners na may stamp pero [for this] brand, mas precise yung wings nila and long-lasting for my oily eyelids." - Maria

    Quick Flick Eyeliner, €25 (roughly P1,408), Quick Beauty


  3. Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay Precision Liquid Eyeliner

    "I have oily eyelids so not a lot of eyeliner stays put. Like, no matter how much I wait for them to dry, it always gets off or worse, smudges. This one stays and it dries really quickly. And it's also not hard to remove at the end of the day!" - Rissa

    Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay Precision Liquid Eyeliner, P599, Lazada


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  4. Pink Sugar Eye Candy All Day Liner

    "Yung mas matibay [pa] kumapit kesa sa jowa mo: Pink Sugar [Eye Candy] All Day Liner." - Jennifer

    Pink Sugar Eye Candy All Day Liner, P249, BeautyMNL


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  5. blk Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

    "I love the blk Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner! As a liner noob, drawing a cat-eye is easy because of its felt tip." - Cheska

    blk Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner, P299, BeautyMNL


  6. 3INA 24Hr Pen Eyeliner

    "An underrated pick. Longest I've worn it was at [Cosmopolitan] BEAUTYCON!" - Tisha

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    3INA 24Hr Pen Eyeliner, P617, SM Makati

  7. Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Liquid Pen Eyeliner

    "Maybeline Hypersharp! It’s super affordable and it [can be found] everywhere—it's really easy to find!! Plus it dries up pretty quickly once you put it on." - Gari

    Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Liquid Pen Eyeliner, P349, Lazada


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  8. Hello Gorgeous Feline Cat Eyeliner

    "Hello Gorgeous Feline Cat Eyeliner! It’s so easy to make a wing because of its stamp." - Audrey Marie

    Hello Gorgeous Feline Cat Eyeliner, P280, BeautyMNL


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