10 Celebrity-Approved Freckle-Inspired Makeup Looks

Whether they're real or drawn on!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/antheabueno, (RIGHT) Instagram/robbiepinera

The freckles trend is far from over, and the celebrities who can't stop flaunting them are proof. So to convince you to jump on the train, too, here's how you can pull off the look—whether you are naturally born with some or would have to draw them on!

1. Julia Barretto

Drawing on faux freckles adds an unexpected detail to an otherwise minimal makeup look. It makes everything look more raw and innocent, too!

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2. Leila Alcasid

When the sun hits and your frecks come out of hiding, accentuate them by using neutral brown and golden hues on your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

3. Monika Sta. Maria

To make your faux freckles look natural, the trick is to splatter yours unevenly. Don't follow a pattern! The more uneven it looks, the better! For reference, check out Monika's almost barefaced selfies.

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4. Gabbi Garcia

Finding the perfect shade for dotting freckles is important, too! Never use a black eyeliner. Instead, use either a light brown or a taupe liner or eyebrown pen for believable specks.

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5. Andi Eigenmann

If you want to wear foundation and still achieve a skin-like effect, pick a medium coverage formula and buff a small amount onto your skin for a seamless finish.

6. Bianca Umali

Go for a dewy look and don't be shy with the highlighter! Some glow on your nose and cheeks will make all the difference.

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7. Lauren Reid

Want a more matte look? Enhance your freckles with a matte blush instead. Try the hangover technique and brush the color across your face, including your nose.

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8. Liza Soberano

Another freckle-drawing tip makeup artists use is to dip a wet brush on some brown eyeshadow and then pull the bristles backwards to flick dark liquid on the face. This technique needs quite a lot of practice, but it will speed up the process!

9. Kelsey Merritt

A light smokey eye looks amazing with a freckled complexion, so don't be afraid to wear them together! The contrast between bare-looking skin and strong eyes will instantly give your makeup an effortless vibe.

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10. Coleen Garcia

For an evening look, you can also add more drama to your lips to go with your freckled—try a high-shine gloss or a bold color! 

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