DIY Nail Art: Boo!

We couldn't decide whether we wanted to paint a mummy, a ghost, or Frankenstein on our nails--so we drew 'em all!

Who says you need a costume to get into the Halloween spirit? Paint your nails with scary characters instead! This week, we're going for a ghost, a mummy, and good ol' Frankie (we made him look cute, promise!).

To start, paint your nails with the following base colors: white on your pinky and thumb; teal on your ring finger; lilac on your middle finger; and silver on your pointer.

Now you can start drawing the ghouls using a nail dotting tool. The best thing about this nail art is that it requires minimal drawing skills. They're just lines and squiggles!

Trick or treat!


Nail Art Design and Hand Model: Paula Pangan
Styling: Sandra Pineda

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