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DIY Nail Art: Sharpie Nails

Take your doodle skills to a whole new level!

Bored of your weekly manicures? Cosmo's Art Director and resident nail art junkie Paula Pangan (you can check out her hand-painted acrylic nails at Eight Nails a Week!) taught us this super easy nail art tutorial. You don't even need tools!

You only need:

1. White nail polish

2. Sharpie pens (the more colors, the merrier!)


3. Clear top coat

First, paint your nails with white nail polish as your base.

Once the polish dries, draw squiggly lines on your nails with your pens—and don't worry about messing it up. If you're really OC about it, try drawing on a piece of paper first. Like this:

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And ta-da! Apply a clear top coat to keep the ink from smearing.

Now wasn't that easy?


Nail Art Design and Hand Model: Paula Pangan
Styling: Sandra Pineda

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