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5 Viral Makeup Hacks You Should Never Ever Try

No, thank you!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Twitter/punkzillaa, (RIGHT) Instgram/barbiegutz

Most strange makeup tips that pop up on the Internet are either funny or surprisingly effective. But once in a little Beauty Blender-shaped moon, someone invents a gross or worse, dangerous, hack. So before you try anything new, cross these items out already—trust us, they're just not worth it. 

Plastic to avoid makeup stains

You place a plastic bag over your head, wear your T-shirt, and you end up with a stain-free top! Cool, right? UM, NOT EXACTLY. No matter how big your bag is, there will always be a chance of accidentally suffocating yourself, especially if the shirt you're putting on has a small neckline—the plastic could easily smother you.  

Deodorant as a face primer

While this beauty guru may have used a natural, aluminum-free deodorant, there are currently no dermatologists or doctors who advocate the use of underarm deodorant on your face, because the skin there and the skin in your kilikili need are totally different!

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Balls as a foundation blender

Remember this? Unless you can properly disinfect your boyfriend's testicles, we suggest you just go for a regular old foundation sponge. But if you really want to use a body part to blend your makeup, your fingers are your best bet!

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Knife as a contour guide

Don't want to slice your face off? Good! There are safer ways to carve out your cheekbones, CGs!

Pizza grease as a makeup remover

It's excellent at removing the clingiest liquid lipsticks, but all over the face? We'll pass. Pizza grease won't work like a normal cleansing oil because it's not naturally derived from nuts and fruits; it just came from melted meat and cheese!

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