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All The Fun Ways To Add ~*Gold*~ To Your Makeup Looks

Bring on the New Year with this festive hue!
PHOTO: instagram/antheabueno

Christmas and the New Year are slowly creeping in, and so are the party and reunion invites from your family, relatives, and friends. For your holiday szn MOTD, ditch the neutrals and go for something a little more festive—gold! 

Below, we've rounded up all the fun ways you can incorporate this color into your holiday makeup lewks:

  1. Eyeshadow

    Sweep some gold eyeshadow on the lids to immediately warm up your complexion. If you want to go for a more subtle lewk, apply fine speck glitter—it will look beautiful when the sunlight hits it!

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  2. Inner corners of the eyes

    A subtle gold shadow applied on the inner corners of the eyes will do *wonders* to brighten up your MOTD.

  3. Lower eyelid

    We normally use nude or white eyeliner to make our eyes appear more doll-like. This time, try ~gold~ to get a more festive feel.

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  4. Eyeliner

    Gold eyeliner is more wearable than you know! It's an easy way to elevate a simple makeup look.

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  5. Highlighter

    Top off a simple MOTD with some gold shimmer applied on the highest points of your face. 

  6. Lipstick

    Unusual lip colors aren't just meant for high-fashion editorial beauty shoots—they can also be used IRL. A gold lipstick is bagay on Pinay skin tones, but if you're still not sure about this metallic hue, you can start out with a gold lip gloss.

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