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This Celeb-Approved Eyeshadow Color Is Perfect For The Holidays

Here's how you can get festive with it.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/gerypenaso, (RIGHT) Instagram/mikkamarcaida

From peaches to pinks and blues, celebs have been experimenting a ton with their eye makeup looks this year. The latest color they're into? Green, which is perfect because there's less than two months left before the holidays! We're sure you're already checking Instagram and Pinterest for some party makeup inspo! If you're interested in sporting green eyeshadow during the Christmas and New Year's parties, scroll below for different ways to wear it:

Pair an emerald green eyeshadow with a natural-looking base and nude lips.

When it comes to bold and vibrant eye makeup, you want to keep the rest of your face simple (i.e. "nude") so the focus will remain on your eyes.

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Create a graphic eyeliner look to bring out your eyes.

If you're still scared of swiping on green eyeshadow all over your lids, you can try using it as an eyeliner instead! Just don't forget to apply a ton of mascara on your upper and lower lashes to make your peepers look bigger and awake.

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Use brown eyeliner to complement the olive tones of your eye makeup. 

For a soft, emerald-hued smoky eye, switch black eyeliner with brown! This will create a pretty eye look that can be worn at daytime formal events.

Opt for a pastel green to brighten up your look. 

If you want your motd to look bright + balanced, but you still want to ~*play*~ with color, go for pastel green eyeshadow. A light wash on your lids and lower lash line will instantly make your eyes pop.

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Use a silver highlighter to make your eyeshadow more prominent. 

When it comes to highlighting your tear ducts, forget about champagne hues because the secret to bringing out green is with a cool-toned and frosty silver!

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Bronzed glowing skin will balance out your eyeshadow's vibrant hue. 

If you don't want to go with silver highlighters, though, you can always just choose to bronze up your skin! The sun-kissed effect will make your shimmery eyeshadow sparkle 10 times more.

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