27 Gross Things Girls Deal With When It Comes To Makeup

When your makeup explodes in your kit. UGH.
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Whether you’re a cosmetic junkie or only use makeup on special occasions, you know that using beauty products isn’t always, well, beautiful. Here are 27 disgusting things every woman deals with at one point or another:

1. Carrying around your makeup in the TSA-approved clear resealable bag you put it in while you were traveling, instead of putting the products back into the actual cute makeup bag you own. 

This is partly because maybe you’re a little lazy, but more so because you’re afraid of ruining your cosmetics case because makeup explosions happen. Regardless, after a week of having all of your makeup coexisting in this wrinkled-ass plastic baggy, things get pretty gross-looking (and unsanitary).

2. When you try to use a mirror from your makeup bag but you can’t because it has a film of makeup covering it.

And when you try to wipe it off with your finger, you still can’t see yourself because you’re just smearing the makeup around everywhere. The. Struggle. Is. Real.

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3. When your purse or pocket dust gets stuck around the screw cap of your lip gloss.

I’m not sure how this happens, but dust from the bottom of your purse (or jean pocket) creeps up under the lid of your gloss and embeds itself in the tacky gloss remnants that coat the screw neck applicator. This is both gross and annoying and you can’t stop it from happening.

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4. When you brush your teeth after applying lipstick and there’s lipstick all over the neck of the brush. 

Upside: At least it won’t get on your teeth.

5. When you get dressed after you do your makeup and get foundation on the collar of your shirt.

It’s even grosser if you’re trying on a shirt at a store and that’s someone else’s mysterious makeup all over the collar.

6. When your hair gets stuck in your lip gloss and the strand drags lip gloss over your flawless foundation application. 

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7. When anything that comes in a tube mysteriously pops and squirts out of all the holes any time you try to use it. 

What even???

8. When you’re doing your foundation and have the formula all over your hands, and then you touch another product and leave everything a mess. 

You frantically grab more wipes for fear of leaving a makeup crime scene with visible fingerprints everywhere.

9. When you get a weird floating chunk of mascara in your eye. 

You’ve just applied your mascara perfectly, and then you notice a black bit of product floating around the white of your eye. Cut to you trying your best to get it out without (1) getting your fresh mascara application everywhere and (2) trying not to make your eyes red AF.

10. The gross mascara buildup around the neck of the bottle. 

Because you were trying to avoid clumps before they happen by squeegeeing the excess off on the bottle’s neck.

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11. There’s mascara residue building on your eyelash curler because you never wipe your mascara off before you curl your lashes again. 

You always forget to clean it because you’re in a hurry (even though you know you should do this because bacteria can harbor in the residue left behind), so the next time you go to curl your lashes, you ruin your perfect eyeliner application.

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12. If you use your fingers to apply any creamy product, you always get some stuck under your nails. 

Whatever you do, don’t use the stuff under your nails on your face.

13. When there’s questionable hair or lint in any creamy product. 

Again, things like hair or lint have a way of magnetically making their way into your favorite face cream, cream blush — basically anything that doesn’t come in powder form. You could just use a pointed cotton bud to clear the foreign object in question out, but you’re much too lazy for that. 

14. You have makeup residue floating around in your contact case, because you don’t rinse off your contacts before putting them in there. 

No big deal. It’s not like your contacts go in your eyes or anything. 

15. You don’t wash your brushes in between applications (or even dust them off, let’s be real), so your powders get mixed with other colors. 

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If you don’t grab a clean brush with every different shadow shade you use, or wipe your fingertips off before running them over another shade, your eye shadow, contour palette, or concealer will, no doubt, turn into a hot mess.

16. Accidentally getting mascara on your bathroom mirror, the same one you step too close to when flossing and get gross bits of plaque or the remnants of dinner all over. 

You need to keep wipes on hand just so your bathroom doesn’t look like a beauty war zone.

17. When you go to put on lip balm after applying a dark lipstick (because dryness is real) and your clear balm turns multicolored. 

18. When your makeup brushes get caked with product.

You know you should wash your brushes, but never will. Just a reminder, this could be why you’re breaking out; if that’s not good incentive to give your brushes a good shampooing, I don’t know what is!  

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19. When you do finally wash your brushes and have to come face to face with the disgusting river of beige/brown liquid that flows out of them down the sink.

That’s what was in that brush?! YIKES.

20. Not cleaning out your sharpener so you have leftover shavings everywhere. 

Those things are hard to clean and you’re probably afraid of slicing your fingertip on it, so you pass on cleaning it all together. But not dumping your sharpener out will leave your lip liner black from your eyeliner, and so on.


21. When you click the end of your lip gloss too much to dispense it, but you end up clicking too many times and it gets all over the inside of the cap. 

This also happens when you push the applicator wand into a gloss tube too fast and it spews out like a volcanic eruption all over the neck of the bottle. Cool.

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22. When you have a loose makeup sponge floating around in the bottom of your purse, which could now rival a petri dish. 

Because you have zero clue as to what’s in your purse or when you last washed that tiny sponge.

23. When there’s crusted buildup under the cap of any lotion or toothpaste tube you own. 

24. When you haven’t used your nail polish or any oil-based beauty product in a while and it separates. 

Nothing a little rolling can’t fix, but anything separated is gross.

 25. Dropping your mascara wand/eyebrow pencil/anything in the sink, and then kissing it up to God because it’s not like you’re going to throw it out and waste money. 

Your sink might not be visibly dirty, but it’s a place you spit in nonetheless.

26. Carrying around a roll-on fragrance in your purse only to pull it out for one of your friends to use, and you see that it’s covered in makeup, pen marks, and whatever else was running loose in the bottom of your bag.

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"I swear it used to have a label."

27. Any time your makeup explodes in your makeup bag or purse. 

Everyone knows this nightmare: Your lip liner opens and draws abstract designs all over the inside of your makeup bag, or your powder spills out and coats your entire bag in makeup dust. Of course you go on living your life instead of cleaning your cosmetics case or handbag because who has the time or patience to actually do that?! *Quickly blows exploded powder out, keeps it moving.*


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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