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You Have To See These Insanely Pretty Holographic Lip Glosses

It's basically Lisa Frank for your lips.
PHOTO: Instagram/nah__melo

Lip gloss has been around for what feels like forever, so when you think you've seen or tried them all, in come these holographic, colorful, shimmery, oil-spill-like formulas from Sigma Beauty. Pretty gorgeous and magical, right?!

I had to watch the below video almost five times because I was convinced my eyes were playing tricks on me. Don't ask me how, but they even look like they change colors (!!!). Watch the colors transform and swirl around in its packaging:

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Now, look at how stunning these holographic lip glosses look on actual humans:

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I've tried a lot of lip glosses in my day and in my humble opinion, no other gloss can touch these rn.

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Just look at this trippy oil-spill, art-like gloss!

As obsessed as I am?

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