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Makeup For Newbies: Your Guide To The Prettiest Korean Eyeshadow Looks

Natural and effortless!
Korean Eye Makeup: How To
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/Pony Makeup, Instagram/beautifymeeh

Korean eye makeup is known for being subtle yet striking. It's the most flattering style to try when you're working with the common Asian eye shape, hooded lids. The technique involves a sheer layer of eyeshadow and sometimes, a hint of shimmer. Everything has to look natural and effortless.

If you want to score youthful, fresh-looking, dreamy eyes, check out our second installment of Makeup For Newbies: Korean Eye Makeup Edition, below: 

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Korean Eye Makeup: Natural

One major characteristic of Korean eye makeup is that most of the eyeshadows used are mostly muted neutrals or pastels. The eyeliner is minimal, too.

K-Drama Actress Natural Makeup

Korean Eye Makeup: Subtle Shimmer

There are times when a bit of shimmer is incorporated to create a dreamy, doll-like effect.

Glowy Coral Makeup

Korean Eye Makeup: Puppy Eyeliner

Unlike the winged eyeliner that is flicked upward, Koreans prefer to follow the direction of their eye shape, which typically droops down. This technique is called the puppy eyeliner, and the result is a cute, youthful look.

Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners

Korean Eye Makeup: K-Pop Idol

K-pop idols are experimental when it comes to makeup. One particular EOTD we're totally into involves glitter and bright hues.

Sparkling Eye Makeup

Korean Eye Makeup: Best Products

Ideally, you should opt for Korean eye makeup products to score the looks shown above. But, makeup really has no rules so use anything you currently have at home. Here are some recommendations in case you're looking into beefing up your K-beauty cosmetics collection.

  1. Eyeshadow Palette

    This palette has matte eyeshadows in shades that will help you create the most lovely eye makeup looks.

    Korean Eye Makeup Essentials: Eyeshadow
    I'm Meme

    I'm Meme Color Pattern Palette, P856, I'm Meme Official Shopee Store

  2. Glitter Eyeshadow

    If you want subtle shimmery shadows, you'll love this palette from 3CE! It features lovely pearly shades that will grant your eye makeup a dreamy, doll-like effect.

    Korean Eye Makeup Essentials: Pearly Eyeshadow
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    3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in All-Nighter, P2,020, 3CE Shopee Official Store

  3. Eyeliner

    The key item in Korean eye makeup is the eyeliner. Grab one in a pen form so it will be super easy for you to draw the puppy eyeliner.

    Korean Eye Makeup Essentials: Eyeliner

    Innisfree Powerproof Pen Eyeliner, P590, Innisfree Shopee Official Store

  4. Glitter Eyeliner

    Create over-the-top, dazzling feline flicks with a glitter liner.

    Korean Eye Makeup Essentials: Glitter Eyeliner

    VT Cosmetics Super Tempting Glitter Eyeliner, P1,050, BeautyMNL

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