The Latest Kilay Trend On Instagram Is So ~Extra~

Apparently, we're all bored with basic brows.
PHOTO: Instagram/taylorbaker_makeup

Apparently bored with basic brows, makeup artists are taking them to a new level of ~*extra*~. Unfamiliar with Instagram's latest brow craze? Here's a quick recap: Feather brows popped up first, then barbed wire brows, followed by dragon brows.

The newest trend to join the bunch? Carved brows.

Created by Austin, Texas-based makeup artist Alexa Link, this edged-out look involves creating a sharp outline of your brows using eye shadow. Take a peep at this precision!

Allure discovered the look after Link's post recently went viral, garnering more than 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Since then, her brow art has inspired other makeup artists to create their own versions—with sparkles, embellishments, and even a carved lip!

What's next? A new trend is popping up every day, and we can barely keep up. While we'll stay tuned for the next dreamed-up approach, for now, we're sticking to basic brows over here!

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