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People Are Blending Their Makeup On iPhones Now

What is this insanity?!
PHOTO: Instagram/jakewarden

First there were hard-boiled eggs, sponges made out of silicone, socks, testicles, and other household materials to blend makeup. But now, makeup application has reached a new level of *crazy* because people are using their iPhones to mix their makeup on—yes, the phones that can cost more than P40,000 each!

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Instead of using the back of their hands or a simple mixing palette, makeup artists have now resorted to this "far more effective" approach. The first one to try out the technique was 15-year old Jake Warden (@jakewarden on Instagram), then Kiki of @spottedstyleblog followed suit: She clarified on Instagram that she cleaned her phone before putting the foundation on it. Still, ew.

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If you're wondering how hygienic this technique is, it's probably not at all. Because no matter how much you clean your phone (which is supposed to be every night, BTW) it still spends the majority of it in your hands—a germ and bacteria-ridden place.

 So CGs, if you're going to try this "hack," maybe it's best if you use an old and broken iPhone so you can clean and disinfect it as much as you want!

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