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Is It Possible To Kiss-Proof Your Lipstick?


The words “long lasting,” “kiss proof,” and “24 hours,” when used to describe lippies make them all the more enticing to buy.

Truth be told, we have yet to discover a lipstick that will not budge after a steamy MOMOL session with our man. Yes, even with the hundreds of lippies out there in the market that promise to stay on forever, we just haven’t found The One yet.

As we continue our mission to search for that one lipstick that will promise to stay on even after a hot makeout sesh, we’ve learned some hacks to *at least* prolong the wear of our pout paints:

1. Exfoliate the lips. Dead, flaky skin is just not sexy at all. For the lipstick to hold on a bit longer, a little exfoliation goes a long way. Ditch those expensive scrubs and use your toothbrush to gently slough away dead skin.

2. Use lipliners. Yes, you actually need at least one lip liner to match your favorite red lip. Using a lip liner to line and fill in the lips really keeps the color on longer.

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3. Blot, blot, blot, blot away! Use a tissue to get rid of excess oil on your lips. You can even turn a non-matte lippie into a matte one! Use a fluffy brush loaded with a bit of loose, transluscent powder and dust it over your lips—just make sure you have a piece of tissue over your mouth to act as a barrier between your puckers and the powder.

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4. Consider the formula. As mentioned, matte lippies last longer. They’re also more pigmented. They tend to be very drying, however. Use a lip balm to hydrate, let it set, and then blot before applying lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are also your best bet if you want your lipstick to stay on longer.

5. Try lip tints. Use a lip tint to get a “just bitten” look.

Do you have any tips on how you can kiss-proof your lipstick? Or do you swear by any lipstick that stay on even after a makeout session? Let us know by commenting below!

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