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Your Makeup Could Be Making You Look Older

Easy on the powder, girl!

Here, some makeup boo-boos that are adding 10 years to your appearance:

1. Staying matte. We get it—you don’t want your foundation to move so you pile on the powder in hopes of locking everything in. Truth is, layering on too much powder to keep your skin matte will make you look old and tired, because it cancels out your glow.

The fix: Go for dewy, glowing skin by slathering on moisturizer and going for lightweight foundation. If you’re worried about looking greasy, use a fluffy brush to powder only your t-zone and around your eyes.

2. Skipping shimmery shadow. Putting shimmery hues on your lids will attract light and take away the attention from dark circles. So don’t be afraid to mix in the glitter with your trusty mattes.

The fix: Apply a wash of shimmery cream shadow all over your lids. Don’t forget to also apply on your inner corner to really open up and brighten your eyes. Use this trick to instantly look fresher, especially when you lack sleep.

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3. You *still* suck in your cheeks to know where to place your blush. Hate to break it to you, but that technique is super outdated! It may be one of the first thing your mom taught you about makeup, but doing this trick will instantly make your look dated.

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The fix: Apply your blush onto the apples of your cheeks, which you can easily locate by smiling. Select a bright color—preferably in cream formula—and blend away.

4. Going for dark lippies. Dark lippies have the tendency to make your lips appear smaller, much like how our lips lose their natural fullness as we grow older.

The fix: We’re not saying that you should stay away from dark lippies completely, but if you’re concerned about looking too mature, go for fresh pinks and nudes instead.

5. Lining only your lower lash line. Putting dark liner on your lower lash line will only drag your features down, making your eye area look darker.

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The fix: Open up your eyes by learning how to line your upper lashline, too! Doing a sexy cat eye will instantly lift and open up your eyes, making you appear younger. Complete the look by lining only one-third of your bottom lash line to give the appearance of full lashes. 

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