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Janella Salvador Will Convince You To Start Wearing Red Lipstick

It can instantly pull any makeup look together.
PHOTO: Instagram/superjanella

Janella Salvador's most defining facial feature may be her lush, thick eyebrows, but when it comes to makeup, she likes to emphasize a different part of her face: Her lips. How does she do it? With red lipstick, of course! Whether she's running errands, attending events, or taping a movie or teleserye, the girl loves to sport a scarlet pout.

If you want to start wearing red lipstick, but still feel shy with sporting such a bold color, keep scrolling. We rounded up Janella's best ~*red lip moments*~ that will make you want to wear the color after!

  1. Who says you can't wear a bold lip when you just want to get your tresses cut and colored?

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  2. We love how her "messy" ponytail adds an edgy vibe to her MOTD.

  3. When traveling, why bring multiple lip colors to match your outfits when red can complement them all?

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  4. With red lipstick, it'll be easy for you to channel your favorite Old Hollywood celeb. See how Janella emulated Audrey Hepburn below.

  5. Long wavy hair, ruby lips, and a polka dot top—she looks like a major Riverdale character here! 

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  6. We're l-i-v-i-n-g for this "Why yes, I #wokeuplikethis" pic!

  7. We wouldn't mind going to the derma (or to bed) wearing red lipstick, TBH.

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  8. Her glossy red pout is TDF. It's as shiny as that huge ring on her finger.

  9. Got a silver dress? Pair it with red lipstick for the ultimate glam OOTD!

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  10. The best way to clap back at the haters is by wearing a statement lip that screams *confidence*.

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